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کمپانی سایانگ در سال ۱۹۷۶ در کشور کره جنوبی تاسیس شد. این شرکت از روز اول با سرمایه گذاری بر تحقیق توسعه موفق به طراحی میکروموتورهای لابراتواری شد و پس از ۳۸ سال رشد و موفقیت هم اکنون به بیش از ۱۱۰ کشور دنیا صادرات دارد.

محصولات دندانپزشکی این شرکت با برند krafit یکی از با کیفیت ترین دستگاه های دندانپزشکی از نظر کارایی و طراحی و ثبات عملکرد با قیمت بسیار مناسب به بازار عرضه می شود.

آزاد تجارت پارس پرنیان نماینده انحصاری کمپانی سایانگ می باشد.


Website: http://www.saeyang.com
South Korea

Introduction of SAEYANG

SAEYANG MICROTECH Co., highly specializes in the research & development of micro motor handpiece with its state-of-art technologies that have been accumulated for over 38 years since its foundation in 1976. SAEYANG has been consistently pursuing technological innovation and investing in the research & development to create the masterpiece. Today, the outstanding products created by SAEYANG are distributed through over 100 countries around the world and recognized as one of the best products. Sincerely, SAEYANG promises to do the best in building the shining future with you all together.


For the healthy teeth and better life through highly-precise dental medical devices



To become a robust world-wide company transformed to a globally-well-recognized dental-medical device brand


To become one of globally-leading companies that will be ranked at TOP 5 in the field of global dental-medical device brand power

Business Philosophy

Build the best company let employee and family make come true their dreams of life time, and also keep creating opportunities’ of jobs for better society

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